How to set up OpenVPN Connect on Windows 10

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Launch the OpenVPN Connect installer and click on Next.

  2. Tick the I accept the terms in the License Agreemen box and click Next.

  3. Select the TAP driver and click Next.

  4. Click on Install.

  5. If you previously did not install a OpenVPN client app then you will have to install the TAP driver. A window will appear during the installation process and just press Install.

  6. Click the Finish button.

  7. Start the OpenVPN Connect app from your desktop and click Agree.

  8. Download the OpenVPN Configuration Files and unzip them.

  9. Select the FILE tab to upload SirVPN .OVPN profiles.

    Select one config file and drag it to the area of dropping in the OpenVPN Connect app or click on Browse and select the file you want.

  10. Enter your VPN username in the Username field, tick the Save password checkbox and enter your VPN password in the Password field.

    To find your VPN username and password, sign in to your account on our website, go to Setup - > VPN Username & Password . If you don’t have a SirVPN account, you can try our services

    Click Add.

  11. Click on the on/off toggle to connect/disconnect VPN.

    If you want to delete the profile, select the Edit option of the profile you want to delete and click Delete Profile.

    To add more profiles, click on the + button.